Reece Moss is a young entrepreneur from London, UK. Reece always knew that he wanted to focus on making money and working for himself. At 9, Reece had already started his entrepreneurial journey by setting up a cake stall with his friend. During the summer school break, Reece and his friend would wake up at 7 am, bake cakes, and start selling from 9am to 5pm. This time period taught Reece how important it is for him to work for himself. You are happier, and work harder when you are in control of the work you do. People say “work isn’t work if it’s what you want to do”, and luckily Reece learned this at such a young age.

At 17, Reece started working at various jobs around London for skills and experience. Having a little extra money was nice, but Reece knew that the skills he would learn at these weekend jobs that he hated would help his own companies. Skills such as customer service and sales gave Reece the experience he needed to start his own companies. This time working for nagging bosses once again showed Reece that overworking isn’t the best practice for modern work. So many people work like sheep every day doing something they hate for someone they hate. If you enjoy the work you do, keep it up. If you don’t, make a change. If today you say “one day”, then it will never be “day 1”. Around the same time, Reece started taking courses in everything from digital marketing to Amazon FBA to Affiliate Marketing.

Now, the age of 18, Reece has recently started his first company – a digital marketing agency for small businesses. From digital marketing, to Amazon FBA, to Affiliate Marketing – Reece is constantly finding new and fun ways to make money from wherever he wants to work.

Now it’s time to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. There’s enough money for us all, we just have to work for it.

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