//How Powerlikes Will Make You Get Way More Likes On Instagram

How Powerlikes Will Make You Get Way More Likes On Instagram

How Powerlikes Will Make You Get Way More Likes On Instagram
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Hey Guys,

I recently did a little experiment for us. As you know already, I went from getting 50 likes in 24 hours – to over 1,000 likes in 6 hours. Click here to find out how… But that still wasn’t enough for me.

Less than 6 hours to reach 1,000 likes is nice, and it made me trend for the hashtags I wanted to – but it quickly got boring and I decided I wanted more likes. This quick improvement made me want even faster results.

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In case you don’t know the difference, the explore page is what you see when you click the magnifying glass icon and you see pictures. The trending photos for a hashtag are what you see in the top section when you search for a specific hashtag.

The way Instagram decides which posts to show you on the explore page is based on pictures you have recently liked. If you recently liked dog pictures – you’re more likely to see pictures of a dog.

It’s worth noting that when you trend for a hashtag, you will hit the explore page – but just because you’re on explore page, it doesn’t mean you are trending for a hashtag.

This is because trending for a hashtag is sometimes more difficult as you have more direct competition. Some of the largest hashtags are hard to trend for as they get tens of thousands of likes.

Below, I will show you guys exactly how I got 1,000 likes on Instagram in 7 minutes – and how you can do the same.

What Are Powerlikes?

Powerlikes are the best way to boost the engagement on your Instagram so you reach the explore page.

To get more likes on Instagram by reaching the explore page, Instagram’s algorithm will boost the people who have posts deemed as “authoritative”.

For this, you want to get engagement from the most followed accounts in your niche. When I used powerlikes, I had 1,000 accounts with over 100k followers engaging with my pictures in the first 7 minutes. The first half hour is all you have to make a good impression to Instagram, the 10 minutes is even more important.

If, like me, you are able to get loads of highly followed accounts to engage with your posts – Instagram will give you a boost because it thinks your posts are worthy. Afterall, if all these big accounts like your pictures – Instagram assumes the smaller accounts would as well.

Why Use Powerlikes?

In a past article, I wrote about how I got more likes on Instagram using engagement groups. Engagement groups can have the same effect as powerlikes, and make your post trend as a hashtag. The problem is that the process isn’t quick enough for Instagram to want to promote that post as well.

In brief, engagement groups are basically massive like-for-like groups. You will give likes, and in return, you will receive likes. This quick burst of likes will boost your post to the explore page because Instagram thinks you’re worthy.

However, if you want even quicker results and even more likes – you would want to use Powerlikes as well.

Powerlikes will get you the 1,000 likes in under 10 minutes, whereas engagement groups will get you that in a few hours. Remember I said that the first 10 minutes are extremely important for likes on Instagram.

If you have a particular post that you really want to promote, powerlikes are the best way to ensure that you post goes viral.

How to Get/Use Powerlikes?

**UPDATE** Buying Powerlikes from Fuelgram has now been made a lot easier. You can see more information about Fuelgram services and purchase Powerlikes from here: reecemoss.com/get-fuelgram-powerlikes **UPDATE**

I will tell you guys exactly how I got Powerlikes, but first, you should read the previous article about engagement groups – to understand how they will get you more likes on Instagram. Click here.

I recommend using powerlikes with engagement groups to further increase your engagement. There’s no point using one or the other when you could (and should) be using both.

I received a message on Telegram from someone called Miguel the other day. Miguel is part of the largest Instagram engagement service – Fuelgram. Fuelgram runs the most active engagement group, and they’ve also recently begun offering more services.

Fuelgram is aiming to make everything more convenient for you. For example, instead of spending 10 minutes a day in the engagement groups – they are offering an automation service. They will put your accounts in the engagement groups, all you do is upload the post.

Fuelgram is also now offering the powerlikes service.

I already explained the way it works, but to get these Powerlikes – simply message Miguel or someone else from the Fuelgram network – and they will put powerlikes on your account.

The best thing about powerlikes is that it is completely automated. You don’t even need to tell the Fuelgram people that you posted – you just post, and 1 minute later you will have at least 100 likes.

You do have to pay for powerlikes, but luckily Fuelgram offers a trial so you can test it yourself. Just message Miguel with the username below, and ask for more information on their powerlikes. Then ask if you can do a trial. That’s what I asked, and he happily allowed it.

To contact Fuelgram for any of their services – message them on Telegram.

Username – @fuelgram

My Recommendation

If you have the money to invest, I would pay for the powerlikes. You will be able to make all your money back after your account is big and you will make a profit. This investment will help grow your account from 0 followers to potentially thousands in the month.

Although I believe in the success that Fuelgram and all of the above techniques may bring you, any participation of the above methods/services are at your own risk.

I mentioned on the previous post about how engagement groups got me more likes on Instagram – I said that I will soon be releasing a video tutorial showing the whole process from start to finish.

This video is coming. I have ordered a microphone, and it should be arriving tomorrow. The video will be uploaded latest on Monday.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the video, make sure to sign up to my email list below – and subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here.

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