//How To Easily Create A Professional Facebook Ad
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How To Easily Create A Professional Facebook Ad

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Hey Guys,

Yesterday I uploaded a post about how I created a Facebook ad that got me over 1,000 page likes in less than 12 hours! It cost me only £7, and the results were nothing short of amazing. [Click here to have a look].

The one thing that I didn’t show you, is a walkthrough of how to create a Facebook ad from scratch… So here it is.

The Business Manager

Okay, first things first – you have to create a business manager account. To do this, when logged in, go to this website – business.facebook.com.
(Skip this stage if you already have a business manager account).

how to create a facebook ad - creating the business manager account

Click the blue “Create Account” button, and a popup will ask for the name of your business manager account.

Type the name you want to call it (something connected to your company/page name). Click continue when you’re satisfied with the name.

The popup will then ask you to “create your business profile”. Enter your name and email address as it asks, and click “Finish” (as shown below).

how to create a facebook ad - creating business profile

When you click finish, the business manager home will load.

If you don’t yet have any Facebook pages, your business manager will look like how mine does below.

how to create a facebook ad - business manager home

Adverts Manager

Once the business manager is created, we have to create an adverts manager account. (Skip this stage if you already have an adverts manager account).

For this, click the blue “business settings” button in the image shown above (top-right corner).

In this page, on the left-hand side under “People and assets”, click on “Advert accounts”.

The page will say you don’t have any advert accounts, and underneath there will be a button saying “add new advert accounts”. Click this button, and select “create a new advert account”.

how to create a facebook ad - creating advert account

Enter the questions Facebook asks and enter all information that is required. When done, click “create advert account”.

how to create a facebook ad - accessing adverts manager

Now click the menu icon in the top right, then go to “Adverts Manager”.

The Facebook ads manager is the place that you will go to, so you can check the ads. The results, the stats, how much you’re spending, conversion – and all the analytics about your ads.

It is also the place where you can create your ads.

Creating The Ad

The Campaign

The campaign section is where you select the objective that you want for your campaign.In the future, I will be going other the different types of objectives and what

In the future, I will be going over the different types of objectives and which are the best for each use.

Below shows me selecting an objective for “Page likes”, which is shown in “Engagement” which is in the “Consideration” section.

page likes engagement campaign for facebook likes

Name the campaign and click continue.

The Advert Set

The ad set is the most important part of creating an ad.

This is where you choose the page that you want the ad to promote, the audience to promote to, the placements where you want your ad to show, and the budget and schedule for your ad.

Fill in the information.

Choose the page to promote.

Determine the location, age, gender, and languages of your preferred audience.

Then enter the detailed targeting section.

Here, enter the hobbies, job titles, behaviours – anything really that describes the audience’s characteristics. Spend some time going through the options so you know what is available.

If you’re trying to find the quickest way to get 1,000 page likes, you can see the audience that I selected in yesterday’s post by clicking here.

Connections: If the selected objective is page likes – click “add a connection type”, then go to “Facebook pages” and select “Exclude people who like your page”. This will avoid the ad from promoting to people who already like your ad (so you will save money).

Placements – Select where you want the ad to show.

Budget & Schedule – Select your budget(I recommend £/$5 to start) and how long you want the ad to run for.

Click continue – and move onto the next section: “Advert”.

The Ad Section

Here’s the other most important part… Designing the ad.

You can either create a new ad or promote a post that you have already posted.

This section is entirely up to you, so I can’t advise too much. But if you have any specific questions, make sure to comment below and/or message me on my social media links listed down below.

I do recommend that you don’t use too much text if you choose to use an image. Here is a link so you can check whether you have too much text in your image – https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay.

When you are uploading an image with text on it, make sure you check the tool shown above. I only recommend using images that the checker says is “Ok” (green).

If it’s anything less, Facebook will not show your ad to as many people – and your ad will not work as well as it should.

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So, there it is. The guide of how to easily create a professional Facebook ad.

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