//Video: How to Use Followliker with Engagement Groups to Go Viral on Instagram
How to Use Followliker with Engagement Groups to Go Viral on Instagram

Video: How to Use Followliker with Engagement Groups to Go Viral on Instagram

Video: How to Use Followliker with Engagement Groups to Go Viral on Instagram
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Hey Guys,

I just uploaded a highly requested video onto my YouTube. It was my first video, so I needed to buy a mic (check it out here), get recording/editing software, and record the video. It took a few weeks, so I’m really sorry to all who have been patiently waiting – but it’s here now!

The video shows you how to use Followliker to make your Instagram posts go viral. Using engagement groups, Followliker automatically likes all the pictures of the people who engage in these “engagement rounds” (basically massive likeforlike groups that make your posts hit the explore page, leading to quick and massive growth).

If you haven’t read that article yet, I really recommend that you check that out (click here) before watching this video as it will explain how the process works. The video below is really a requested tutorial of how to use the software.

Below, you can watch the video – or if you would prefer to watch it on YouTube, click here. Below the video is a transcript, but I really recommend watching the video as the transcript alone will not make much sense.



Helpful Links:

Download Followliker:  www.followliker.com/instagram-bot.html

Previous article (explains how this works and how to join engagement groups): http://reecemoss.com/this-is-how-i-get-1000-instagram-likes-in-6-hours-for-free/

Engagement Schedule:

Below are the times that you should engage in each group. Please bare in mind that these times may change from time to time. If you need the current times, please message the admin of the group and they will be able to help you.

If you need the links to join the engagement groups, check out my previous article. Click here.

Join Round:Compile List and Post Picture:

Please note: The above times are GMT+1. For EST, +5 hours.


Hey guys, my name is Reece and I upload daily videos about business, entrepreneurship, and how to make money online.

Today, I’m going to be showing you how I use Followliker to get over 1,000 Instagram likes and go viral on every single post [in about two hours].

So, I use software called Followliker, which is an Instagram bot, which you can buy from www.followliker.com/instagram-bot.html. On the website, go to products, and click Instagram edition. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will get three options: the cheapest one to the most expensive. Now, if you’re only using one account, then I recommend the first licence – but for anybody with more, then I would recommend the five accounts or the unlimited accounts.

I personally use the unlimited accounts licence, because although it’s the most expensive, I can use as many accounts as I want. So, although at the moment I am only using two accounts, in the future I might have more, which means I would have to go and buy again or increase the package. It’s better for me to buy the unlimited accounts licence, so that’s what I chose.

When you’ve had a look, make sure you also check out the system requirements. You get a lot of support with Followliker, so I really recommend it. There are other types of software that other people use, I don’t really know what they are – because Followliker is the software that I use and is the one that I’ve always been shown to use, so Followliker is the software that I’m going to talk about today.

When you have chosen the licence you want, click “order now”. When the page loads, enter in your billing information and anything else that’s required – and it’s pretty much instant. They will send a download link straight to your email, so you just download Followliker straight to your computer in a matter of minutes, and you can be going viral in about an hour (depending on the engagement times,) it’s pretty amazing.

Followliker Set-up Settings

So, here is Followliker. I’m first going to show you how to set it up for if you’ve already got it. If you don’t have it, keep watching, watch through so you know what to do – then buy it when you’re ready, and come back so you can watch again to see how to do it once you’ve got Followliker.

Once you have it, go to file – general – settings, and the general settings box will open up. Change the settings to how mine are.

Account Per Proxy – 3

Account Threads – 10

Automation Interval – 1-3 SECONDS

Enable activity logging.

Enable continuous automation.

Have the settings like this. When done, click save.

Now, you need to add an account. I’ve already got two accounts here, so to add those – you just right-click anywhere on the page, go to new, enter your username and password. Try to enter this information correctly the first time so you don’t have to worry about it later on when you’re doing the engagement rounds.

Now, the proxy is not needed unless you’re using more than five accounts. The way it works is Instagram allowed five accounts on the Instagram app on your phone. If you’re signed into more than five accounts, then they will know that you’re using a bot or you’re doing something wrong. So, if you’re using more than five accounts – then you will need a proxy. I don’t know much about this, but I will try to find out a make a video about it – if people are interested. Ignore proxy for now, just enter your username and password. Click save.

The account data will not come through straight away, but when it does – your follower count will show, along with how many people you’re following and how many pictures you have.

Entering Engagement Groups/Compiling List

Once you’ve got Followliker set up, you’re ready to do the engagement.

So, for the engagement, we want to go to Telegram. I wrote an article about this before, and I’m going to leave a link for that in the description – so you can find out how to join the engagement groups. Once you have joined, you will now have to enter the rounds. Each “round” is where people come, and loads of people will “drop” their name. You enter your name, for you to be included in the current round. For Fuelgram, enter your username like this: @getlikes or, if you want to engage with a different account to the one you want to receive likes, write it like this: @getLikes,@giveLikes. All the groups will give you instructions to help you enter. If you have any questions, message the admins of the group and they will help you.

Have a look at the times [above this transcript] of when to post. 30 Minutes after the round begins, you have to now create your list and post your picture.

Each service is different, so make sure you check their instructions before entering the rounds.

Go to Fuelgram’s round bot (@FuelgramRoundsBot), and enter “/start”.

The three options are dependent on which method you use for the engagement groups. In this video, I show the method of using Followliker.

Click/type “/fl” for the Followliker to load.

There will be a lot of usernames, and the more you get – the higher the likeliness of you going viral. Copy the entire list, then click copy.

Open a Google docs spreadsheet, paste your list in the first column of the spreadsheet.

In the second column, write “User’s Photo”. Double click the little blue square, which will automatically fill out the second column.

Looking in the first column, remove anything that doesn’t begin with “@” – because it isn’t a username. Somewhere in your list, there will be list dividers/breaks. These are shown above, and there will usually be 3-4 with Fuelgram. The more people, the more breaks you will have to remove.

This is a quick process and will take seconds to remove the unneeded list entries.

When you have removed all of the breaks, in the second column – drag the data a little further below the end of the list.

Title the list however you wish. Download the list as comma-separated values (.csv current sheet). Click the button, download the list, and save it somewhere you can easily find later.

Setting up Followliker for Engagement Round Automation

Open Followliker, right-click where your account shows, and go to custom settings.

Untick everything. Now only tick “scrape photo”, and “like”.

Click next.

Scrape photo limit – 1.

Tick scrape only top result.

To add list, follow the video.

Right-click, select import – choose the csv file, click open. Right-click the top entry, make sure query says “User’s Photo” click save.

Click next.

Daily Like Limit – 99999

Delay Like – 1-3 seconds.

Click start, and the process will start.

Make sure that the bot completes the rounds before you cancel it! If you miss any likes, you will be penalised and possibly kicked from the groups.

Tomorrow, I will be making a video about the top 8 apps to make money on Shopify. A lot of people enjoyed the article that I previously made for Shopify, so this will be a good video for people trying to make money on Shopify.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and message me if you require any help!

So, there it is. The tutorial of how to use Followliker with engagement groups to go viral on Instagram.

Need help with this? Comment below and I’ll help you out!

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