//This One Secret Hack Immediately Improved my Facebook Engagement
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This One Secret Hack Immediately Improved my Facebook Engagement

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Hey Guys,

I recently posted an article about how I got over 1,800 likes in 2 days from one Facebook ad.

I decided to test that same method on post engagement… Here’s what happened:

facebook engagement - results

271 likes in a matter of hours, for only £1.

Here, I will explain why I did this, and how you can do the same.

Why Should You Have More Facebook Engagement?

Facebook engagement is mostly used for social proof. As spoken about in the previous Facebook page likes article, social proof will simply make you look more authoritative.

If someone sees your page next to someone else’s, with exactly the same content – you could bet they like your page if your posts have more engagement.

People follow the majority.

The second reason you need more Facebook engagement is for increased reach.

On Facebook, when you engage with a post – your Facebook friends will see the post.

Scrolling down your timeline, you will see a post that says “Friend commented on this”. Facebook is showing you this post because your friends like it and they think you would also.

It’s quite likely that friends would like the same thing, so this is quite a good way to reach more people.

Remember, Facebook wants to keep people on Facebook. They make more money this way. So if your post is doing well, Facebook will think your post is high-quality – and share it with more people!

This is similar to how I get over 1,000 likes on Instagram by reaching the explore page [read here].

In short, more Facebook engagement will allow more people to want to engage further with your posts. If you post high-quality, the audience will want to like your page and help you grow it.


I got over 254 likes, a reach of 1,119, and cost per like of only £0.004 – for only £1.

facebook engagement - ad results

Above is a screenshot of the analytics for the ad I ran.

If you saved the audience that I showed in the last article – use that audience and you’re good to go. I  have repeated the instructions below here if you haven’t yet seen the audience we used.

If you do have the audience saved already, just make sure you change the campaign to “post engagement”, and check the audience is same as the below.

The Campaign:

For this ad, I used the “Page Engagement” campaign – this shows under “Engagement” in the adverts manager for your account.

facebook engagement - campaign

The Ad Set:

Audience – The audience is the most important part. If you do it incorrectly, you cannot expect the same result. This audience has been designed as it is incredibly cheap and there is a high rate of conversion.

Here’s the audience I used:
Location – Living in: Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia.

Age: 13-24

Language: English (UK) or English (US) [Make sure you use both UK and US variations. This will allow the audience to understand the ad and be able to engage with your content.].

People who match: Interests – Love.

That’s it.

[If you don’t know how to create a Facebook ad, I posted a tutorial the other day to help you create a professional Facebook ad. Check it out here.]

So your ad set should look exactly like this: Perfect ad set for facebook likes

Placement – I wouldn’t usually recommend it, but for this ad – you must use automatic placements. Facebook knows exactly what will work better for this campaign and audience. Let them decide the placements, and the result will be massive.

Budget – Giving Facebook a low budget will make Facebook work harder for your results. Set the daily budget at £1 (same in USD) so you will get very cheap likes (£0.004). I used a £1 budget, for 300 likes. If you want more likes, just increase the budget.

Optimisation for Advert Delivery – Post engagement.

Bid Amount – Automatic. Let Facebook set the amount.

When You Are Charged – Impression (CPM)

Advert Scheduling – Run adverts all the time

Delivery Type – Standard

The Ad:

For the ad, simply create a new post – or choose a previously created post and promote that.

There was one thing about this experiment that really confused me. In the post, I ask the audience to “comment”. However, I received zero comments. I don’t know why this happened, but I know now to use this tactic for likes and not comments.

I’ll find a way to get more comments and let you know when I do.

For now, keep with your CTA’s (call to actions) – and combined with this tactic, your post will have amazing Facebook engagement.

[Check out more about CTA and copywriting tips here].


So, there it is. The one secret hack I used to immediately improve my Facebook engagement.

Need help with this? Comment below and I’ll help you out!

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