//How to Stop Procrastinating with the Two-Minute Rule
How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating with the Two-Minute Rule

How to Stop Procrastinating with the Two-Minute Rule
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Hey Guys.

I would consider myself to be quite a clean and tidy person. You look around my bedroom now (where I’m writing this), and it’s near-spotless. Apart from the little corner where my nephew keeps his Lego, every other part is tidy. Think of when you’re staying in a hotel where you come back to your spotless room. That amazing feeling is something I feel every day, thanks to this rule.

But, I must confess, it hasn’t always been like this.

In fact, up to around January, I was like every other young adult you can think of.

Yep, that messy.

I couldn’t see the floor, my bed still messy from the night before, my water bottles still lying around. Something had to change.

After tireless hours of searching the internet for something that would finally allow me to be tidier – I found it. It wasn’t the NZT-48 pill from Limitless (although, minus the side effects, I can imagine that’d be quite nice), but it was something I could do instantly. An instant fix, which led to the past 7 months being the most productive in my life.


The two-minute rule is simple. If it takes less than two minutes, do it right away. No excuse.

If you finish a drink, putting the cup in the sink will take you 30 seconds. Do it right away.

Waking up in the morning, and making your bed will take less than 2 minutes. Do it right away.

Need to book a doctor’s appointment? That takes less than 2 minutes. Do it right away.


The reason that the two-minute rule is so powerful, is because every time you put the task off (“I’ll make my bed later”) it adds to your task list for that day. Soon, the task list will be longer than you can realistically handle.

If you do the two-minute task as soon as it comes to you, you won’t be putting it off and dreading your mission of attempting your long list of tasks.

Your work area will be tidier, you will complete more tasks, and you will make more improvements every day.

The Second Method (Habit Forming)

There is a second way to use the two-minute rule.

Struggling to write that blog post? Just write the first two minutes. According to Physics, objects in motion tend to stay in motion. This can be applied to doing an activity. If you begin writing the post, you’re more likely to continue writing – and so complete your task.

Got school work due tomorrow? That can be applied in the same way. Do it for two minutes, and see how it goes.

Want to begin reading that book you’re putting off? Just read for two minutes.

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Doing just two minutes of something doesn’t sound so bad. So give it a try, and things will start improving.

So, there it is. How to stop procrastinating with the two-minute rule.

Need help with this? Comment below and I’ll help you out!

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