//Simple but Powerful Expert Secrets to 1000 Facebook Likes
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Simple but Powerful Expert Secrets to 1000 Facebook Likes

Simple but Powerful Expert Secrets to 1000 Facebook Likes
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Hey Guys,

I recently started a Facebook engagement campaign to get Facebook likes. The result? Over 1.8k likes in just 2 days.

facebook likes campaign results

It was an ad, so I did have to pay a little money – around £7. But because it was an ad, that also guarantees that they were all real people.

If you have already run Facebook ads, you know that getting 1000 likes is an insane outcome for such a low budget.

In case you were wondering, the cost comes out at only £0.004 a like!

Keep reading to find out why I wanted more likes, and how I was able to do it.


Like I said in yesterday’s post about how I get over 1000 Instagram likes in less than 6 hours, there are two reasons you want more Facebook page likes: Social proof, and reach.

Tell me which looks better, left or right:

23 facebook likes1924 facebook likes

I hope you said right.

Me seeing that 10 of my friends liked something is so much better than seeing only 1 of my friends like the page.

Remember, most people in this world follow the majority.

social proof helps facebook likes

This image shows that I got 42 likes just from page suggestions. That means my page popped up in the little “page suggestions” box that Facebook show, people saw that their friends like my page – and then decided to follow me themselves.



The Campaign:

For this ad, I used the “Page Likes” campaign – this shows under “Engagement” in the adverts manager for your account.

page likes engagement campaign for facebook likes

The Ad Set:

Page – This is where you choose which page you want the ad to promote.

Audience – The audience is the most important part. If you do it incorrectly, you cannot expect the same result. This audience has been designed as it is incredibly cheap and there is a high rate of conversion.

Here’s the audience I used:
Location – Living in: Bangladesh, Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia.

Age: 13-24

Language: English (UK) or English (US) [Make sure you use both UK and US variations. This will allow the audience to understand the ad and be able to engage with your content.].

People who match: Interests – Love.

That’s it.

[If you don’t know how to create a Facebook ad, I have a tutorial post coming tomorrow showing you guys exactly how to start a Facebook ad from start to finish.
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So your ad set should look exactly like this: Perfect ad set for facebook likes

Placement – I wouldn’t usually recommend it, but for this ad – you must use automatic placements. Facebook knows exactly what will work better for this campaign and audience. Let them decide the placements, and the result will be massive.

Budget – Giving Facebook a low budget will make Facebook work harder for your results. Set the daily budget at £3-5 (same in USD) so you will get very cheap likes (£0.004). I used a £5 budget, but I received 1k likes before I reached this budget.

Bid Amount – Automatic. Let Facebook set the amount.

When You Are Charged – Impression (CPM)

Advert Scheduling – Run adverts all the time

Delivery Type – Standard

The Ad:

Okay, here’s the funny part.

Here was the ad that I used: Ad for low cost facebook likes

When people see this ad, they will read the image (because you selected English as the language), they will see your text which says “Like to spread the love?” – and then they will click the like button, “to spread the love”.

This is the reason we select love as an interest… I know you were wondering.

Here’s the image:ad image for facebook likes Source: Unknown. Found on Google, no copyright known.


With this ad, you will not only get likes – but you will get post engagement as well. The people that like your page won’t be dead (inactive) followers – because the language is set to English, they will be able to read and engage with your future posts.

So, there it is. The simple but powerful expert secrets to 1000 Facebook likes.

Now all you have to do is copy the ingredients above, create your ad, and wait while you get results.

Something to keep in mind – the likes start coming in very quickly. If you only want 500 likes, make sure you set a limit – or you deactivate the ad once your page reaches the desired likes count.

Tomorrow I will be giving you guys a full in-depth tutorial on how to create Facebook ads. [Find it here].

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