//The Only Shopify Apps You Need to Make Money Drop-Shipping Today
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The Only Shopify Apps You Need to Make Money Drop-Shipping Today

The Only Shopify Apps You Need to Make Money Drop-Shipping Today
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Hey Guys,

Creating a Shopify store at the start is simple, but when you want to start making money – things start to become a little complicated.

One of the unanswered questions I hear most about Shopify is, “Which Shopify apps will help me make money?”. Most people pick the ones with the most downloads, but that isn’t always the best idea.

Below is a list of the Shopify apps that I use whenever I create a new Shopify store.

1. Better Coupon Box

The “Better Coupon Box” is an extremely useful tool, used for giving your customers an incentive (discount) for either following your social media or joining your email list.

Social proof is one of the best ways to get new potential customers to trust your brand. If you have 10 followers, and your competitor has 1,000 followers – you could bet they’re buying from the competitor. Even if you have exactly the same pictures and products – social proof matters.

If you are not yet using email lists, you are potentially missing out on thousands of customers. When someone comes to your store, invite them to join your email list. Give them an incentive – something they want, such as the discount so they are more interested in joining. This Shopify app will do that for you. The pop up will offer your visitors to join your email list, and in return – they get a discount.

Email lists are useful for targeting on Facebook, making a one-time customer a repeat customer, and a backup plan. If in the future you decide to sell your store, it will be worth so much more if you have an email list to go along with it.

Click here to have a further look at Better Coupon Box.


2. Oberlo

If you are already a Shopify store owner, it’s pretty likely that you already know about Oberlo. If you’re using it, I’m sure you already know how powerful it is. If you’re not, however, here’s why you should be.

Oberlo turns your hours working from 24-hour-days to 1-hour-days. The automation tool amazingly sets up a customer order for you. All you have to do is click confirm, and Oberlo will contact your supplier and get your product sent out.

Here’s how it works: The customer on your store selects a product and enters their shipping information. Oberlo will then copy the customer’s shipping information to whichever website you use for sourcing products. Once you confirm the order, Oberlo will order the product from your supplier (such as Aliexpress) – and send it straight to your customer.

This is my favourite, and probably the best automation tool currently available on Shopify. It might not necessarily increase your sales, but it will definitely decrease your hours working on your store.

Another reason that you need to be using Oberlo is the fact that Oberlo will import the products for you. Setting up your store is so much easier with Oberlo.

When you have the supplier URL for your products, enter that into Oberlo – and the Shopify app will import everything that’s needed. Title, description, images – everything.

Oberlo makes Shopify so much simpler.

Click here to have a further look at Oberlo.


3. Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping is one of the best things you can do to increase sales. It’s a true, well-known fact that you lose most of your customers at checkout.

Include your shipping costs in your prices, and avoid traffic remaining just traffic – make traffic become sales.

This bar will show up somewhere on your page to inform people that you have free shipping on your store.

Click here to have a further look at Free Shipping Bar.


4. Aftership

Aftership is another of the best Shopify apps for automation. It allows your customers to track their own orders – instead of emailing you, and you being needed to respond. If Aftership is being used, you can enable a page on your Shopify store where your customers are able to track their orders using their order code that you give them.

When you start getting over 10 orders a day, it gets really frustrating with customers messaging you every hour to have an update on their shipping. Aftership makes this incredibly easier.

Click here to have a further look at Aftership.


5. Countdown Timer

You’ve probably heard before that scarcity helps make sales. This is why you see things like “Only 5 left” or “Ending soon” or, like this app, a countdown that a specific offer will end at a certain time.

This timer will tell your visitors that a certain offer will be ending soon. Once the timer has reached zero, the offer is over – and the price is back up to the usual amount, or the product is out of stock.

This countdown will make your visitors feel like the time is running out for the offer. This works amazingly well with cheaper items that may be a more impulsive purchase.

Click here to have a further look at the Countdown Timer.


6. Boost Sales

Looking for a Shopify app that will help you make more upsells?

Boost Sales is an incredible app that does just that. On your cheaper products or your products where you’re running a discount – I recommend that you use Boost Sales to upsell more products when the visitor is on the checkout page.

This app does cost $30, but the developers guarantee that the app will pay for itself with the trial (15 days).

Click here to have a further look at Boost Sales.

PRICE: $30.00/Month (15-Day Free Trial)

7. Fraud Filter

Losing money is just as important as making sales.

The Fraud Filter stands to protect your site against illicit sales and stops you from losing your money. If fraud sales are detected – the order is flagged, and you are able to confirm the authenticity.

You can also set “rules” to automatically block any order attempts.

Click here to have a further look at Fraud Filter.


8. Shoppable Instagram Galleries

When you get traffic from Instagram, you want your visitors to feel familiar with what they know (your Instagram pictures) and not just make them feel like they’ve visited some weird random site.

“Shoppable Instagram Galleries” does just that – it imports the images from your Instagram to your Shopify store. This will make your visitors feel more trustworthy of your store – because they are seeing images that they have already seen before (on your ad/post).

One of the best features of this app is the customers are able to add products to the cart by clicking the Instagram picture on your Shopify store.

Click here to have a further look at Shoppable Instagram Galleries.


So, there it is. The best Shopify apps that will help you make money drop-shipping today.

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