//This Is How I Get 1000 Instagram Likes in 6 Hours For Free
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This Is How I Get 1000 Instagram Likes in 6 Hours For Free

This Is How I Get 1000 Instagram Likes in 6 Hours For Free
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Hey Guys,

A lot of people have been asking me how I went from getting 50 Instagram likes in 24 hours to over 1000 in under 6 hours. The answer – engagement groups. Here, I will explain what engagement groups are, how they work, and why you should be using them.

Just to get this out in the open, all likes are real. I didn’t buy any likes, I didn’t pay anyone for a shoutout, I simply used engagement groups.


Engagement groups are the number one way that the largest accounts on Instagram got to where they are today. Engagement groups basically play with Instagram’s algorithm to ensure that you reach either the explore page or you get in the “top posts” section on the hashtags (see below) by giving you as many likes as possible in the shortest time.

[Click here to see the image.]

As you can see above, my picture of the yacht is shown here on the bottom row of the top posts the day after I posted the image. So for around 16 hours, when someone typed “#poolday” into the Instagram search – my image was one of the first pictures they saw. Out of 1.6million images to that hashtag, my image made the top posts. This resulted in over 1.2k Instagram likes in under 6 hours. The likes are still coming in today (the day after) because I’m still in the “top posts” section for at least 3 other hashtags.


You might be thinking “likes are nothing, followers and leads are the important things.” But think about it, over 1000 people are seeing each picture that I post – every single day.

When someone sees a post they like, they are likely to check out my profile, like my other pictures, and follow my account.

If I post just 6 pictures a day, I am potentially reaching over 6,000 new people every day. If only 1% follow my account – that’s still over 400 followers a week.

That’s more than a thousand new people following my content that wasn’t a month before.

There are two reasons you want more Instagram likes and followers: Social proof, and reach.

Once you start getting followers – it becomes like a snowball falling down a hill… getting bigger and bigger the longer it travels. Why? Because people will share your content, they will tag their friends in your pictures, and more people will like your pictures, leading to you hitting the explore page or trending for certain hashtags.

This is how people are growing their accounts by thousands of followers every day.

You could be doing this also. All you need to do is join the free engagement groups listed below.

How To Join?

All the engagement groups that I’m part of, are using the messaging app called Telegram to host the group chats. Telegram is similar to Whatsapp, except there is no limit to how many people in each group. This makes it perfect for engagement groups where there are generally over 1,000 people.

In order to join, download Telegram on your phone – and enter the below usernames into the search bar. Simply say “Please can you add me to your group?”. They might take some time, but they’ll add you and then you’ll be in the group chat.

Who To Contact:

Fuelgram: @fuelgram IG Likes (10K+)
IG Evolve: @ZachDev
Instagains: @gainsforlife ($20 join)
Boost Likes: @JarBinks
Republic Like System: @Neihuswag or @Queenagainsttheworld

Once you join, make sure you read the instructions. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but if you struggle with anything, you can contact me here and I will happily talk you through the process.


There are two ways for you to like the photos. You could either do it manually or use an automated bot such as Followliker.

Followliker allows you to copy the list from the engagement groups, enter it into the bot – and the bot will automatically like the listed photos.

Followliker makes it so you don’t have to dividually like all of the pictures.

The bot does cost USD$60-$99 – so when beginning you might want to use the free method.

The free way to do this is by copying the “DM Lists” that the group chats send you, sending that as an Instagram DM to yourself – then individually clicking the users to like their pictures.

This takes a lot more time, but for people who don’t want to pay for the Followliker bot – it’s your only way.

You can get Followliker here.

So, there it is. How I get over 1000 likes in around 6 hours.

If there is interest, I will record a tutorial video showing you guys exactly how to do everything listed above. I will show you how to join the groups, how to set up the bot, and how to start liking the pictures. Comment below if you’re interested, and I’ll have the video up as soon as possible!

Need help with this? Comment below and I’ll help you out!

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Keep Learning,

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As requested, I have made a video tutorial showing you guys exactly how to do this using Followliker.

You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking here.