//What Book Am I Currently Reading?
What am I Currently Reading?

What Book Am I Currently Reading?

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Hey Guys,

The people who follow the content on my social media and forum posts know that I read a lot.

Learning is something that I take seriously, and I usually read for a minimum of an hour every day. Some days more, some days less.

A lot of the people who know that I read are often asking for book suggestions. What to read next, the best books to read, etc.

To help you guys decide what to read, I am going to start sharing with you what books I am reading.

This will be a regularly updated post, where I will continue to share with you what I am reading. Once the book is finished, I will write a review post to help you can decide if the book is something that will help you.

I am aiming to read one book every two weeks, but this depends mainly on the length of the book. As much as I enjoy reading, I am not very fast.

I hope this will help you decide what books you should be reading.


I am Currently Reading: The 4 Hour Work Week – By Timothy Ferriss. If you want to find out more about this book, click the book title to access the Amazon page for this book.